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Team Managers

Team Manager Information

Team Manager Resources & Requirements


  • Website 
    • Go to Team page, log-in and click on "EDIT MODE" in lower right, then "Manage Team" to go to Team Center to enter schedule, send messages, check RSVPs, etc.
  • Mobile app (
    • Team number from top of SportsEngine team page
  • Help Center (

Manager Requirements

  • Team Log-in available from Christian Seemuller
  • Print game sheets and rosters

Referee Fees

  • Club will provide a check to cover fees at the beginning of the fall or spring season

Player Registration Paperwork (collected at tryouts in June)

Important Links

  • EDP League


After Tryouts to First Game or Pre-Season Tournament (Summer)

  • Uniforms 
    • Provide information about ordering process (Link sent from
    • Follow-up with parents to make sure everyone has placed their orders
  • Assist Club with collecting paperwork and follow-up with parents to make sure all paperwork is collected before deadline
    • Registration 
    • Birth certificate (if required by league)
    • Photo
    • Medical release 
    • Direct questions about payment to the Club 
  • Team folder/binder – create one to hold player passcards, risk management cards for coach and manager, referee fees, game sheets, envelopes to mail in game sheets (if required)
  • Risk Management card 
  • Concussion Training
  • Coaches risk management and concussion certificate from coach 
  • SportsEngine
    • Confirm players is on team roster and registered for season so they can receive communications respond to event and game invitations
    • Manage calendar by adding training times, tournaments and game schedules when it becomes available, including opponent, location, kit colors (Home or Away) and special notes such as warm-up time
  • Pre-season Training
    • Communicate to parents the pre-season training camp dates and location
  • Passcards and roster
    • Receive state and league approved roster and player cards from club
    • Add 1x1” photos, player signature and then laminate (Club will reimburse)
      • Recommendation - laminate coach’s and manager’s risk management cards 
      • Consider making a duplicate set of cards or if you have a player that passcards with another team frequently, make them their own card
    • Hole-punch passcards and store on a ring or carabiner (do not cable-tie because you will need to be able to remove cards)
    • Have coach sign a copy of roster and make several copies for the year (needed for tournaments)

Outdoor Session (Fall/Spring)

  • One week before, check SportsEngine for player availability 
    • Follow-up with player/parents who have not responded
    • Notify coach of any player absences, roster shortages 
    • If you have a player passcarding from another team within Club
      • Player will need to bring their passcard (contact player’s manager or if player subs frequently, make an extra copy to keep) 
  • On Game Day
    • Prepare and bring: 
      • 2 copies of game sheet (log in and print from
      • Referee fees (Club will provide one check to cover all fees for session)
      • Player passcards 
      • Coach’s and manager’s risk management cards 
      • Manager’s bag – first aid, air pump, pinny for goalie, if needed
    • After the game, sign game sheets (coach can also do)
    • Follow league rules for reporting game and submitting game sheets (eg., winning team mails in sheets and calls in score)
    • Submit any game photos to Club for social media


Club typically registers team and handles hotel assignments for travel tournaments.  Managers will need to pass along hotel information to their teams.

Up to two weeks before:

  • Talk to coach to confirm roster and if there will be a need for guest players 
  • Visit tournament website to determine what paperwork is required at check-in and begin to get paperwork in order.  Tournaments typically require:
    • liability waiver form to be signed by parent of participating player
    • signed official roster (2 copies)
    • medical releases 
    • guest player(s) form
      • Follow instructions for completing guest player form 
      • “Borrowing” coach must sign guest player form
      • Guest players passcard is needed for tournament check-in
        • If player passcard needs to be made, follow instructions online. Club will reimburse the fee 
    • permission to travel form (if tournament is out of state)
    • coach and manager risk management cards 
    • player passcards
  • Check tournament website for email or mail-in registration deadline (1-2 weeks before), otherwise team must be checked in Friday of tournament weekend
  • Consider organizing (or delegating someone to organize) a team event during the tournament, such as lunch, dinner or pool party at hotel or low-key outing between games such as a movie or putt-putt

One week before: 

  • Have parents sign tournament liability waiver form 
    • Can email form to parents and ask them to print and sign.  It is okay to submit signature on multiple forms 
  • Post schedule of games on Sports Engine with game details 
    • double-check schedule a few days before tournament for any changes)


On Friday of tournament weekend:

  • Team check-in
    • Check the team in or arrange a representative to do it for you (unless email check-in is available).  Bring all the paperwork requested by the tournament.  


Indoor Session (Jan – March)

  • Registration process varies depending on where your team is playing 

Futsal League (Winter)

  • Futsal is not included in the team’s annual plan but players may elect to organize on their own.  If so, the manager would have to register players and collect payment for the session from parents.
  • Email will come from league to add players
  • Enter name, birth date and email for each player which will send email to parent to confirm registration
  • Follow-up with parents to complete registration
  • No ref fees, game sheets or passcards needed