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LFC World Cup Camp - East Brunswick

LFC World Cup Camp 

Players will go on a virtual soccer tour of the world learning from different places each day and a topic that each area is famous for.

Monday - South American Dribbling - Learn to dribble like Brazilian Roberto Firmino

Tuesday - European Possession - Learn to play the ball out of the back like the worlds most expensive defender Virgil Van Dijk, posses the ball in midfield like James Milner or Liverpool Captain Jordan Henderson.

Wednesday - Africa Attacking - Learn to attack in a 1v1 or as a team like Sadio Mane or Mohammed Salah

Thursday - British Shooting - Learn to score goals like the great British players Owen, Fowler, Dalgllish, Keegan and Gerrard. 

Friday - USA FUN DAY! Fun Games and a giant world cup!

 For ages 6-18

Dates: Monday June 24th - Friday June 28th

Times: 9-12pm

Cost: $150

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Questions can be sent to  Academy Director

LFC Pre Season Camp - East Brunswick

The Liverpool FC Pre Season Camp is THE CAMP to help you get ready for your fall season. Each day we will do dynamic fitness exercise to help with your speed, pace and general quickness. Our week composes of functional training to get you sharp and ready to play The Liverpool Way!

Monday - Building from the back. Learning how to possession safely and effectively from goalkeeper to midfield

Tuesday - Possession vs Penetration from Midfield. Understanding when to be patient in possession and when to penetrate to the final 3rd of the field.

Wednesday - Attacking in the final 3rd. We look at the Liverpool FC secrets of how to break down defenses with quick combination play in and around the box. How to exploit defenders and how to use the half spaces.

Thursday - Defending and counter attacking. How to set defend individually and as a team and how to effectively counter attacker once possession has been won!

Dates: Monday August 12th - Thursday August 16th

Times: 5.30-8pm

Cost: $150

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LFC Shooting Camp - East Brunswick

The Shooting camp is designed to help the attacking player in multiple areas technically, tactically, physically and mentally. We improve the 5 A's of an Attacking minded player:

Accuracy - Technical excellence when shooting or finishing

Aim - Scoring in different parts of the goal

Assertiveness - dominating opponents when 1v1 

Attitude - Shoot on sight of goal 

Assists - combinations & crosses for teammates

For ages 8-18

Dates: Monday August 26th - Friday August 30th

Times: 9-12pm

Cost: $150

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Questions can be sent to  Academy Director

LFC Goalkeeper Camp - East Brunswick

This camp is run in conjunction with the LFC Shooting Camp. Goalkeeper will spend the 1st part of the camp with our professional Goalkeeper trainers. Under the supervision and coaching of our goalkeeper staff the players will be brought into the Shooting Camp for maximum repetition. We guarantee that all goalkeepers will develop during this fast and furious camp.

For ages 8-18

Dates: Monday August 26th - Friday August 30th

Times: 9-12pm

Cost: $150

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Questions can be sent to Academy Director